(Be on the lookout for these and stay away)


TRUE lesbians hate these women, but it is hard to spot them out. These ladies can come in femmes and studs. These are the women who claim up and down that they are 100% lesbian women. But they really still mess with men. One way to spot them is that they usually get offended when someone calls them bisexual. They also make a note to wear a lot of pride items at one time so they can always be seen. These women are dangerous because you really never know what they are doing. One week they could be gay and the next they could be pregnant. BEWARE of these DYKEs!!!

Not to be confused with Yikes dyke

An in the closet lesbian. Obviously gay, but closeted none-the-less.

B/S Studs

These Studs are unbelievable. They dress, and act like true studs but they are really disguised. These women do not represent studs well at all. They are usually looking for a femme to take care of them all the time. Also they don’t do things that studs are suppose to do such as take the dominate role in the bed room. These women like the thought of being a stud but don’t want the responsibility that comes along with it. They usually do not care about pleasing their woman in any way, or they feel like you should give them something in return for being with them. In other words they are the equivalent of a good for nothing scrub of a man. Some outrageous things about these women are:

1. They think their woman should take care of them

2. They are controlling

3. They can not do anything for themselves

4. They are usually on some kind of drug, usually weed and alcohol if not just full of themseves

5.  Some even don’t give oral sex, sex is like a ritual passionless

6. They swear they are God’s gift to this world

7. They tend to have lots of resent exes, but you won’t learn this from them

8. They claim exes are just women they dated and didn’t want who ares till in love with them

9. They lie or omit a lot

PLEASE WATCH YOUR BACK FOR THEM. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE AND GET ONE RUN QUICK!!! I should know cause I had one and I thank GOD I ran!!! It’s sad too cause they come across like really sturdy no-fool-around Butch. Don’t fall for that “Butch as I am, Butch as I stand” Syndrome. They are weak and insecure and unsatisfying even if they give you oral sex…lol You’ll know if  you are with one when you get that feeling that your feelings don’t matter and everything you do surround their needs only.


These have to be the most dangerous of all the lesbian community. The Drama Dyke love to be surrounded with drama at all time. These are the kind of females that cheat and put themselves in situations to get caught. They usually stay in some sort of trouble. They have crazy ex-girlfriends, they like to get into fights, but usually they want someone to help them fight. These are the girls you NEVER want to be with in pubic places, especially gay clubs and events. Signs to look out for:

1. They bring up ex’s a lot

2. They always seem to be nervous

3. They discuss their drama as they are claiming how much they hate drama

4. They tell you there could be problems before you go somewhere

5. They like posting on your wall making sure everyone knows she is with you.

6. They are sneaky and conniving


This is all for now. As I discover more on my search for more Lesbian Life Knowledge I will add them here.  Hope this is helpful and please take the red print serious.

*Ms. B. Haven*


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  1. I take offense with the description of warning this woman could be gay one day and straight another: For some people, being a lesbian is a choice and it has nothing to do with a sexual orientation but it is more of an emotional orientation; I am a latesbian and a femme and I am always asked to be visible to show allegiance to the lesbian camp, yet once in a lesbian setting; being eyed suspiciously ;so now; in y our definition, it means I am a conniving woman that cannot be trusted to stay lesbian long enough to spell the term: Please!

    I enjoyed reading some of the stuff you posted, but this comment made me shudder.

    Some people are not ‘born this way’; some people make a choice that is informed by many different factors such as life experience, culture; p olitics in my case feminism. I do not want to be around a man and make my life with a man because I do not like the heterosexual lifestyle under patriarchy; technically i am bisexual but I do not feel I am, at the moment.

    Maybe tomorrow I will find a man I want to spend the rest of my life with, I don’t know because my attraction might change, but my true love is for women born women. and I want to i nvest my love and energy in a relationship with a woman. I often feel I am asexual because often I do not feel any sexual desire towards any gender in particular; I do not feel I belong to any LGBTQ team. It is a very lonely place to be in, as you do not belong anywhere.

    I am only attracted to butches and women born women who are on the masculine presenting and stud spectrum.

    There are a lot of good women out there who would love nothing more than loving another woman; but who are seen as dangerous; predatory and not to be trusted. Just be aware that they exist and that sometimes they might take an unexpected form.

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