I am not a professional anything, but I am a great observer and researcher of life. I may not have all the answers or any of the answers u might need, but I am willing to help u find them.

I want to use Lesbian Haven as a place where lesbians or lesbian supporters of all ages can come and find answers or a better understanding about life as a lesbian. I want to help young ladies venturing into the lesbian world understand that they are not alone and to help them deal with the peer pressure, the fear that other’s might find out and to avoid the drama that most seem to put themselves in.

I want to help them establish rules and guidelines that will help them not only as a lesbian but as an  individual.

Ms. B. Haven

  1. I’m having problems in my relationship, I lost my Dominance in my relationship. I how can I regain it back. I hate being a crybaby for my girlfriend. I use to be stern and dominant. Now im soft and nag; I believe I care to much.

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