Lesbian Haven is born.

Hello my name is Ms. B. Haven and I am a femme (more on this on a later post).

I wish I can say that I had this great plan when I started Lesbian Haven. It was really created because a previous Facebook page where my lesbian friends and I hung out got deleted. Minutes after it got closed down my lesbian friends were squirming with withdrawals. I am still not sure why they looked to me to start a new page, considering I was the least familiar with Facebook and truth be told never really liked it.

Here I was listening to those sad voices pleading that someone get a page our lesbians family up QUICK! Being the doer and giving type I hopped right to it. OK , so maybe I stumbled right to it. lol

As I created the page with 2 other lesbians,  Haven Lee and Haven Lee Boi both butch (more on this on a later post), I was struck with the reality of how many people depend on Facebook for their daily socializing fix. I for one only came to Facebook, because the 52 yr. old butch I was dating requested I check out her page for lesbians. I will be honest my first few times on her page I saw nothing fascinating other than I can see if she was online or not. When I would see her post throughout the day I knew whether she was at home or off to work. Yippee! <~Sarcasm :/

I found myself exploring other lesbian sites and came across some with really interesting questions. So I found myself putting my 2 cents in every chance possible. It was then I started paying attention to the threads on the post on her page and learned about all these lesbians’ lives and how lonely and sad most of them were. I also, got to witness a lot of drama, and it was quite disconcerting.

It was through that drama I learned how so many lesbians see this as a way of life and I felt something has to be done. I saw Lesbian Haven as the perfect place to begin. Do we have to have drama or we simply just accept it? Can lesbians live a drama free life and still be happy?  Or is the drama part of the appeal?

I don’t know about the rest of the lesbian world, but I have been a lesbian for more than half my life and I can say that the drama only existed in my life before I came to terms with being a lesbian as a teenager (more on this later), and then I experienced drama as an adult just recently with that 52 yr. old butch who taught me a really sad part of being gay.  So basically, in between I have had a lesbian drama free life for over 30 yrs.

I have to thank my ex-butch and her immature drama full life for inspiring me to do my own page just so I can help young lesbians learn more about their life choice and how to live life as drama free as possible. I would also like to help recently-out lesbian find their nook on the rainbow.

*Bright Blessings*


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  1. great job on the site!!!

  2. This is an interesting way of seeing things…and I do appreciate that you took the iniciative to get sometihing like this started

  3. i feel this you something on this computer stuff i have to catch on to but i hope this is it,i can put them together but i don’t no crap about them i’m happy you did this you are very good and at this,i would talk with you and feel good.you have that erra about you msB,our new thing live and learn.

  4. Thank you everyone. The blogs are starting to get done and the atmosphere is coming to life thanks to u all. All I want it to create something positive and useful. I believe with time we will achieve that. I say “We” cause it’s all of you that bring it to life. I just made the place.

    Again, thank you so much for your support.

    MS. B. HAVEN

  5. You’ve done well. I like it here and the conversations we’ve had…looking forward to more stimulating thougt provoking conversations with you and the other ladies and butches.

  6. this is great , everything happenes for a reason in life so whtever u had to survive d learn brought u down this path.. I for one think this is a gud idea helping others where u have been helped b4 .. Gud job

  7. Wow … your blog is spectacular. Have loved reading through your candid observations and who could possibly argue with them? Not me! I’m new to blogging and have only just set up here on WP – you have given me so much inspiration. Thank you X

    • Am so please to read ur comment. I had taken some time off from writing and was very pleased to see a new comment. The whole purpose of my writing is to make a difference in at least one person’s life for the better. If I have inspired u in a positive way then my dear it is I who thanks u. 🙂

      I will resume my writing hope u enjoy the new stuff as well. 🙂 I don’t know if u were able to see the other blogs as well, but they are under LESBIANHAVEN. As well as the link to my FB page. Stop by. 🙂
      MS. B. Haven.

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